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Many SEO experts promote their expertise by talking about the latest advances in search engine optimization. They use lots of buzz words and discuss the recent updates in Google’s algorithm. While it is important to stay abreast of market dynamics, it is also important to avoid “chasing” SEO.

The correct approach to SEO is to:

  1. First and foremost, truly understand a business and their long term goals
  2. Design a site with the customer in mind
  3. Architect a website to present the business to the search engine robots so that the site can be properly indexed
  4. Employ SEO techniques and strategies where they make sense and support the business goals

SEO should be incorporated into web architecture and web design, but it shouldn’t be the driving force. It should simply inform the design. User experience (UX) should be informed by keyword search volume and user intent. The ultimate goal is to have a website meets the needs of the customer first, and of the search engine second.

Don’t not design for search engines, design for humans.